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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's My Birthday!

In honor of my natal day I'm acknowledging my advanced age by posting pictures of me, taken back when the world was still in black and white. In the bottom picture I seem to be preparing to audition for a new incarnation of the Dead End Kids, in the top photo I'm using a princess phone, a harbinger of things to come.


jaymcfly said...

happy birthday chap , I hope you have a good one !

best wishes jay

Luke said...

Lovely photos!
Happy Birthday to you, Vera!

bryboiblue said...

Happy Birthday, Vera.

May your day be filled with fun and eye candy.

April said...

Happy Birthday Vera! :)

April said...

Oops, I'm late. Happy belated b-day.

=Mothra= said...

So adorable! Happy Belated Birthday!