Bet You Never Thought You'd See Him Here

Long before he was a human gargoyle and an admired, highly eccentric film star, Christopher Walken was a kid actor, a Broadway hoofer, and eventually a stage actor of note in such productions as A Lion in Winter. In 1968 he posed for Kenn Duncan, whose name was synonymous with mainstream homoerotic photography in the late 1960s and early '70s. Walken was never exactly conventional looking (those eyes!), but he was quite dishy in his own way, don't you think?


Anonymous said…
Oddly I would expect to see Christopher Walken , on your fab blog , I do remember someone very well know making a comment to Christopher on meeting him on stage at a line up . But their name escapes me .
=Mothra= said…
Definitely dishy in his day, all the more so for being unusual looking. imho. I had not seen those 60's pix before, nice finds!

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