Boo Who?

It is my policy here at the Big Gay Blog to refrain from posting pictures of boys who are under the age of 16, which is the age of consent in most of the western world, including the state of Iowa, where I live. So, without further ado, may I now present Mr. BooBoo Stewart (real name: Nils) who had his sixteenth birthday in January. The Boo is a martial arts champion, a singer, a stuntman, a very successful kid model (you couldn't walk through a Target or a Kohls store without seeing his picture), and has been acting since the age of 10. He will soon be seen in the latest installment of a certain popular movie franchise about teenage vampires. If photos like this one, from PopStar Magazine, keep popping up, he will soon be seen again at this blog.


neil said…
video here

Taylor got shirtless (thank you hollywood) in TL2 and stayed that way for most of the movie. Wonder if Bo will too?
Anonymous said…
Talk about a nice physique!

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