Carter Jenkins

Carter Jenkins' new movie made a ton of money over the weekend, and it is totally not his fault that it sucks. Watching him act in a scene with Taylor Lautner (who has the funniest line in the movie, "I'm not comfortable taking my shirt off in public") it becomes clear that while Taylor is lovely and special and the big thing right now, Carter will be the one who will still have a career in twenty years time.  I've been a fan of Carter for a long time, and I'm glad to see that others are finally catching on.  His IMDb rating is up by a whopping 537% this week.

Here's Carter in a very nice photo by Tyler Shields.


Uncle Mame said…
Great pic I had not seen before.
He looks great naked too (in Valentine's Day).
Anonymous said…
Carter looks like he's manning up there !

Carter would be my choice for spidey !
Anonymous said…
I think Carter called it his "angry" look in a Twitter post.

I suspect the only way I'll see "Valentine's Day" in the theater is if it's still hanging around when I'm on vacation next month.
Anonymous said…
I'm very much looking forward to seeing this one!

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