J.R.'s Tattoo

The only good thing about J.R. Celski's disqualification in 1000m Short Track was the brief but delightful moment when he began to disrobe on camera, showing off his brand new tattoo. Ive never been a fan of tattoos, but as tattoos go,  this one, which pays tribute to his Polish and Filipino heritage, is not too bad.  Oh, who am I fooling?  I was just happy to see him take his shirt off.

J.R. skates again on Friday, February 26 in the 5000m relay. 


DonM in FL said…
Tattoos often desecrate beautiful bodies. I like Celski and am looking forward to seeing him succeed in later appearances, but I was very disappointed to see him sporting such a large and horrific tattoo on his nice body.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing that brief and indeed delightful moment!
Anonymous said…
...as for the tattoo...if it emphasizes the hotties hotness it's okay with me. This one certainly does!

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