My Newest Boyfriend In His Drawers

I'm not sure when the Olympic committee declared it mandatory for all male athletes to pose in boxer-briefs, but you won't catch me complaining. J.R. Celski shows us what he's got in glorious black and white. J.R., who scored a bronze medal in his first race, has an amazing story, and quite aside from any lustful thoughts I may harbor, I'm really rooting for him.


jaymcfly said…
O.M.G , first Sergio and this skating wonder , i may have to actually starting watching sport ! heaven forbid !

I do hope Bruce gets Lucas in some similar poses in Florida this week !
=Mothra= said…
Lord have Mercy!
He could melt the ice!
William said…
not that it matters too much, but do we know which way he swings?
DonM in FL said…
Where did you find JR's and Apolo's photos? There are many other really cute athletes I would like to find photos of. Thanks!

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