Urban Outfitters

You all know I'm a fool for American Idol, right? I'm sorry to say that this year's talent pool is the shallowest in recent memory. After watching this week's top 24 sing I'm convinced that American Idol may have finally hit X Factor levels of mediocrity. Take, for example, 20-year-old Tim Urban, who was a last minute addition to the top 24 after the producers decided to screw over their original choice for no good reason. They must have decided on Tim based on his super cuteness, because if last night's performance is any indication, he isn't really a singer. (In all fairness, he might have simply made a bone-headed song choice. The whole thing was in falsetto and he could not pull it off. Falsetto is harder than most people think.) Despite the generally boring field, Tim doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning this thing and he will be very lucky if even he survives until next week. If he is still around he needs to take some advice from his Auntie Vera. Sex sells, honey, and as we've learned from these pictures (which I first saw at Famous Male Forums) you have a bangin' bod. Show it off. Tear off your t-shirt on stage. Be sexy! You still won't win, but I'll have a whole lot better time.


Anonymous said…
work it baby !
William said…
We haven't watched AI for a few seasons, so I had no clue this cutie was involved. Not much is hotter than board shorts & a thin happy trail. Thanks for sharing!
You say he has a "bangin' bod" but I want to bang it once, just to make sure.
Jarrod said…
If Tim doesn't win A.I., I'm never watching that show again !!!

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