Bromance In The Air

We've already seen Gregg "Dimples" Sulkin and David "Abs" Henrie hot-tubbing together, but what could be sweeter than best bros competing against each other in Dance Dance Revolution?   Later they posed for the paparazzi,  Abs looking poised and handsome in head to toe black, and Dimples modeling yet another in his patented (by jaymcfly) line of self-tightening t-shirts, this one with a very cool assymetric henley collar. The bros even found time to hold hands, using cosmetics mogul Ava Anderson as a shield against prying eyes. Ah, young love! Platonic, I'm sure.

In completely unrelated news:  Hi Ricky Martin! We were all shocked, SHOCKED, by the news.


Anonymous said…
What a lovely pair of budding bromancers they make , dancing together , posing together , wearing their self tightening t shirts together .

I miss Austin and carters adventures together and they did seem like a match made in dreamboat heaven .

So I'm so pleased to see that David and ' Dimples ' are out and about together .
Anonymous said…
I believe he's hiding some excellent pecs under his t-shirt. I'd say, it's time for unveiling!
neil said…
love your nick names
Chachacha said…
Lordy, their chest endowments are bigger than hers. Ricky Martin would approve, I'm sure.

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