Hotness Overload

The paparazzi went wild a few days ago when Nick Jonas turned up for filming at Malibu beach looking his very best, first in a wetsuit and then in clinging, retro beachwear which shows off his assets beautifully.  So, add to that the scorching hotness of our old friend Austin Butler, flashing a little cleavage, and we enter the kind of erotic fever dream unseen since the early films of Kenneth Anger.  If you don't like paparazzi, add this to your list of grievances:  Austin Butler was standing right there, looking like that, and they barely paid any attention to him.  I mean, Nick is a nice-looking boy, but next to Austin?  Meh.


Anonymous said…
I was hoping that when Nick was all wet suited up ,
it was to leap into the sea to save Austin Adonis ,
then back on the beach the kiss of life takes place !

holy purity rings !
Vera said…
Yes, wouldn't that be lovely. We really should get you a job with The Mouse- your scenarios are much better then theirs.
=Mothra= said…
Mercy sakes, I didn't think it was possible for Austin to look any hotter. He kind of eclipses poor Nick there, who is no slouch himself in that too-tight shirt.
tikiamarie said…
now as a straight female i wish austin would've ripped off that jacket! i would've gladly helped him! ;)

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