Justin's Boyfriend!

As Ugly Betty winds down its network TV run, Justin, played by the fabulous Mark Indelicato, will finally get a well deserved boyfriend.  The lucky boy is pretty Ryan McGinnis, whose sole IMDb credit up 'til now is a single episode of iCarly. I'm sure that Disney-owned ABC will not allow us to see any real canoodling between the teen lovebirds, but I'd settle for a little hand-holding. Is that too much too ask?


Anonymous said…
I was looking for a picture of ryan the other day and i couldn't even find him on the I.M.D.B .

Well he looks mighty fine , I have read though ...
gasp ... that they are to kiss ...! shock !

gooooooooooo Justin !
Anonymous said…
Mmmm....talk about pretty!
I'll keep an eye on him -

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