Alex Pettyfer is 20 Years Old And Doesn't Have A Twitter Account

Today is the day that my lovely Alex Pettyfer is no longer a teenager.  Happy birthday Alex!

This should be quite a year for Alex. His first big Hollywood picture (Beastly) opens in July, and his next starring role as the titular Number Four in  I Am Number Four,  a Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg production, should start filming in Pennsylvania  next month. And apparently he has something else (something secret) lined up after that. It seems like make it or break it time for his career, and I wish him all the luck in the world.

Incidentally, if you happen to be a person who is involved in the promotion of any of these films and you would like me to whore out my blog to advocate any of these films, I am totally up for that.

Meanwhile, a young friend, whose affections for Alex rival even mine, wrote me to tell that Alex has made it known that he does not have a Twitter account, nor a Facebook, nor a MySpace,  and asked me to help spread the word that all of the dozens of social networkers who claim to be Alex Pettyfer are as fake as Pamela Anderson's boobs.  So don't be fooled, y'all.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Action Alex , I'm looking foward as ever to see what he's got coming up movie wise .

Twitter wise and myspace etc , i kinda like it that he doesn't have one . Sometimes its really nice not to know everything , well unless its a totally nude photo
session , then an alert would be nice .

I wonder have attitude magazine ever interview A.A?
now that would be worth a read !
April Bostic said…
It's after midnight here in NJ, but I want to wish a happy belated b-day to one of the most stunning boys in the world. ;)
Anonymous said…
My feelings are that Alex, as someone who is potentially about to become the next big thing, really needs a publicist who encourages him to make use of "new" media.

My hope is that "Beastly" and "I am No. 4" are both hits, and that even if not, Alex becomes the next hot thing in Hollywood. Yes, he's still doing teenage roles, but he's capable of moving to the next level.

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