Another Day, Another Chance To Ogle River Viiperi

Did you know that Spanish man-child/deity River Viiperi keeps a charming blog chronicling his life as an international model?  He does, and you can look at it here.    Did you also know that Mr. Viiperi is the current Model of the Month at The Fashionisto  and that in addition to these and other beautiful photos by Greg Vaughan you may read a nice interview with him there?  It's true!

It is also undeniably true that there has been a lot of River around here lately.  So sue me.


Anonymous said…
what a wonderful mouth , river has , i must check him out so more .
Uncle Mame said…
Thank you Vera!
For me, shirtless hotness in jeans is better than nude. Not that I would object to seeing River nude, mind you... *faint*
M said…
These are the best, most perfect shots of River Viiperi. I don't think it can be topped.
Anonymous said…
Excellent photo shoot.

Honestly, there have been some shoots of River that I've been very tepid about, but these pics started me on wonderfully diverting journey of looking for more of this gorgeous model and was pleased with the number of great shirtless photos of him out there (and many of which are on /here/). :-)
Jason said…
I keep coming back to look. Soo nice. Fills my dreams

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