Another Time, Another Place

I'm sure I mentioned here, quite some time ago, that during his heyday in the 1980s, those of us who live in America weren't privy to the candy-coated goodness that was Tommi Ohrner.  It wasn't until the advent of the internet that I even heard of him.  He was erstaunlich schön, don't you think? He may have had the best hair of anyone in the history of the world, ever-- I'd like to walk through it, barefoot. Check Tommi out in the pages of Bravo wearing sexy red overalls,  and even sexier Speedos. See him work out, brush his teeth, and talk on his CB radio.  He liked to play backgammon with his Mutti!  What could be sweeter?


Uncle Mame said…
Holy Mary! Those apparently were the days.
Paul said…
OHHH I love the hair! I miss the 80's and pretty hair.
Anonymous said…
He sure was top of the mops back then!

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