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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Change Of Direction

Due, in part, to a  lack of enthusiasm from my readership, and in part to my own boredom, I have decided radically rethink the contents of this blog.  I hope I don't lose readership, but as Doris Day so memorably warbled, "Que sera, sera."


neil said...

I was taking my pills with my brekkie!
a.k.a. *Snap,crackle and prozac*
Seeing this, I am going back to bed.
I'll try again in a hour.

jaymcfly said...

was it something I said ?

=Mothra= said...

qWell, at least they aren't big hairy women! Actually, the top guy looks pretty good to me.

J.D. said...

Yeah, the top guy is hooooooot.

bryboiblue said...

I'm sure I'll see the humor in this ... right after I finish clawing my eyes out. :-)

DonM in FL said...

How about that being just an April Fools joke?