Devon Update

You all remember 19-year-old cutie-pie Devon Werkheiser of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide fame, don't you?  Did you know that boyfriend has embarked on a singing career?  And that his first single is now available on iTunes? The song, If Eyes Could Speak, is pleasant, middle-of-the-road commercial pop, but Devon has an unexpectedly lovely singing voice.


Anonymous said…
I do know that Austin Butler brought a copy .

I'll give it a listen
Anonymous said…
Don't know anything about his musical activities....just know that he's a hottie!
=Mothra= said…
Go Devon!
Still slim and sassy I see.
And a surprisingly good singer, who knew? He's got a MySpace Music page with several songs:
Check out 'Like The First Time'.
Jason said…
what a pretty all round package

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