Does Whatever A Spider Can

One of the big showbiz questions theslately is who will play Spiderman in the reboot of the lucrative movie  franchise.  On Broadway that question has already been answered: lovely Reeve Carney will be starring as the web-slinger in Julie Taymor's massive production of Spiderman: The Musical (with music by Bono and The Edge).  Reeve (who will be 27 this month) has been a professional blues singer/guitarist from the age of 15, and those with a long memory may recall him as the younger version of Ethan Hawke in the movie Snow Falling On Cedars. I wish him luck, even if my spidey-sense tells me that the project could be a massive disaster. The show has already been postponed more than once due to financial setbacks, the very concept of a Spiderman musical strikes me as silly, and the composers are bound to discover that it takes a very different skill set to write a theatre score than it does to write a rock album. Still, La Taymor has demonstrated in the past her ability to do wonderful things on a stage and screen, even with flawed material, so we'll just have to wait and see.


nellouise said…
Nathan Lane playing Mary Parker or James Jamison?
Anonymous said…
He looked so pretty back then in "Snow Falling On Cedars" and he still does today!
Chachacha said…
Nice break for Reeve!
Some years ago I thought he was just about the loveliest living creature on earth. Not to mention the skinniest. He'll need to put on a lb or 2 so as to properly fill out the spidey spandex!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for following.

I absolutely love his hair in the top 4 pictures. Very 1968 Carnaby Street. Bring back the Mod revival, well the hairstyles at least.



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