Francisco Wears Prada

It's possible that my fascination with lovely Francisco Lachowski may be crossing over into obsession, so if you don't want to look at him you're at the wrong blog.  Here are some of his latest photos, including  a few from the already infamous Shrek layout he did for V-Man.  Also here are a few pictures from a shoot he did for the May issue of Out, which blithely suggests that you can make your new Prada trousers sexier by taking a pair of scissors to them and making them into cut-offs. So not gonna happen.


Anonymous said…
Those photos from the wood session look great (pity about the girl though) yet the sixth pic from top would be my favourite!
bufs said…
I'd glady sacrifice my Prada trousers if Francisco would come round to alter them. I'd even provide the scissors.
Chachacha said…
Great post Vera! I believe Francisco is actually looking hotter than ever, if that be possible.

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