Model Of The Moment

Here's how it works, at least some of the time:  I'm casually looking at blogs like The Beauty Hunter,  when I happen upon a terrific-looking model like Nick Hissom (b.1992) and I say to myself, albeit not out loud, "I must see more of that divine creature." Then I  scour the net for more lovely pictures of said creature and share them here with you.  You're welcome.


Anonymous said…
How sweet....and such a cute smile!
Oh, and Vera, you must have quite big hands, judging from the marks on the lads bod!
Anonymous said…
Glad you found him Vera. But those mod hair pictures really did it for me. And so different to his normal look. No wonder it caused confusion for our visitor yesterday.

Another one for your Britboy collection!

=Mothra= said…
A major find and great selection of pics, thanks!
Unknown said…
deejohn i didnt know u read all the same blogs i did!!

haha i dunno y but i am IN LOOOOOOOVVEE but he hasnt updated his fan page yet despite the updates x(
anyone find any more pics cause hes not on fashion spot or yet?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Julia, I just this moment received an e-mail from Nick himself thanking me for showing his pics.


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