Obligatory River Viiperi Post

I had lately resolved to cut back on frequency of River Viiperi posts- nobody else seems to enjoy him as much as I do- but it seems as if new, awesome photos of him surface daily.  These pictures are from his own blog, just a few of the many documenting his recent trip to Los Angeles.  Such a charmer this boy is, even (or especially) when he's misspelling words like "strangest."


Michael said…
"nobody else seems to enjoy him as much as I do"

Uncle Mame said…
Lord have mercy!
His hotness quotient is off the charts.
As far as I'm concerned, you can show him to us as often as you want. I find him charming too.
MFMblogger said…
I ENJOY HIM!!! In fact, I'd like to enjoy him in many more ways than I can post online!!!
Pitbullshark said…
Hey listen, as long as they keep taking pictures of him, you keep posting 'em!

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