This Is Not A Recommendation

I found Prince of Persia to be exhausting, and not necessarily in a good way. But if it worked at all (and if you compare it to something as slapdash as the recent  remake of  Clash of the Titans it's a masterpiece) it's mainly due to the considerable charms of Jake Gyllenhaal.  But be warned, if you go expecting him to be dressed like he is in these pictures you'll be sorely disappointed. It's the old bait and switch; the scene lasts for about a nanosecond. 


Dame James said…
I'm only going to see this movie because my friends reminded me that if we wasted $5 to watch Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe, the least we could do was spend the same amount on Jakey. No argument here.
Uncle Mame said…
I do plan to see this, so thanks for the alert, Vera! Hmm Jake and Channing would make a heavenly hunky couple... or maybe scantily clad opponents in some sort of climactic movie duel.
Jason Shaw said…
Oh that Jake, he's a bit of hit stuff. I sure wouldn't mind cleaning up the crumbs after he'd had breakfast in my bed!

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