Two Big Gay Years

Today marks the second anniversary  of Vera's Big Gay Blog, and what a fun roller coaster ride it has been, mostly. Here, for you latecomers, is the very first picture I ever posted on this blog.  If I have to tell you who it is, you haven't been paying attention.

Even on a bad day I get more page views then I ever thought was possible, and I would like to thank each and every one of you who come here to take a look.  I hope it's not too boring.  I especially want to thank the eight or nine people who regularly take the time to comment or email me.  You guys make it all worthwhile and on the days I want to call it quits and hit the delete button,  you're why I don't.

In my very first post I told you what to expect here:

"There will be pictures of hot boys, there will be Judy Garland sightings, there will be drag queens, and there will be disco dancing with a round of cosmos after. That doesn't sound like a good time? Then feel free to go away. Everybody else, you are my kind of people and you will receive my unconditional love."

Darn it!  There's still not enough Judy or drag queens.  I really have to work on that. The unconditional love part though-  that's for real.  

Thank you,
Your Auntie Vera


jaymcfly said…
happy birthday Vera !
Luke said…
Oh my, is it two years already?
Well Happy Anniversary and thank you for all the past posts and those to come!
Jason Shaw said…
Happy Anniversary. Thanks for making us all hapy. xx
steve said…
Long live Auntie Vera! Long live the most Pettyferific blog in the universe!
Chipper said…
Congratulations on your milestone - let's hope there are many more! I enjoy your blog (and good taste) on a regular basis - thank you for all your efforts - it is appreciated!
Uncle Mame said…
Congrats Vera dear!
Maybe jaymcfly could make a cake big enough for Alex to fit inside...
=Mothra= said…
Way to go Vera!
Here's hoping you can still keep it up in the years to come.
Jacqueline said…
I'm fine with the lack of drag. (no offense intended)
bufs said…
A belated happy second, Vera! In keeping with tradition, I was hot on the trail of a cotton gift for your esteemed second. I came up empty.

I had the perfect gift in mind, but was shocked to discover that each and every Ebay offering of "genuine, worn-by Alex Pettyfer cotton briefs" was ... fake!

So all I can offer is a simple, heartfelt thanks. Thank you, Vera. Thank you.

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