I Tried! I Really Tried!

After my last orgy of near-simultaneous River Vipperi posts, I really and truly wanted to hold off on him for a while, maybe a week or so.  Once a month, I thought, sounded reasonable to me. 

But, no, I had to go and watch this video.

And then I had to see this picture of him in a freaking Speedo. (From Guapo Magazine, via FTape.)

And of course there are all these.

So you see, it's really not my fault.


Uncle Mame said…
Thanks for the River deluge!
He manages to look hot even in
styles that might not catch on.
Dame James said…
I know I don't comment enough, but I appreciate all that you're doing spreading the good word of River Viiperi. Mmmmmm River.

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