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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lovely Connor Paolo, All Grown Up

Connor Paolo, who just turned twenty, got his picture taken by Tyler Shields recently and revealed to the world that 1) he's not a kid any more,  2) he's getting furry, not unattractively so, and 3) he's built like the proverbial brick shithouse.  Time for him to break loose from Gossip Girl, and find a role that's worthy of him, I say.

Also, I think he should come here and sit on his Auntie Vera's lap.  Am I wrong?


Luke said...

I learn something new here every day! I had to look up "built like a brick shithouse"...we do have less spectacular terms for that over here...
Connor always looked mighty fine and he still does today!

Vera said...

Yes, I can imagine that to someone for whom English is not his first language, "built like a brick shithouse" might be a puzzling idiom.

=Mothra= said...

Nice dusting of chest hair there.
Fab find, Vera! Looking forward to seeing more from this photoshoot.