Not Your Father's Narnia

Some time ago someone sent me a link to the deviantArt page of this artist who specializes in highly detailed, nearly photo realistic drawings of male Disney characters in the altogether, or nearly so.  Yes,  I went there to indulge my Aladdin fetish. Don't judge me!  Unfortunately I proceed to lose the link and forgot the artist's name.

A  few days ago I happened upon this little gem of erotic wish fulfillment by the same artist, depicting an epic arm-wrestling match between jockstap clad Prince Caspian and King Peter. That's Ben Barnes and William Moseley in real life.

So my question is, who is this artist?  Somebody out there has the answer.

Reader Clinton has answered my question.  Thank  you, Clinton!  The artist is David Kawena.


Clinton said…
Your unknown artist is davidkawena
Vera said…
Thank you Clinton!
Anonymous said…
now thats a real work of art ! I wonder if he does commissions
Crystopher said…
Reminds me of the theban band, .
Pitbullshark said…
I loved the Narnia books and I loved the first Disney Narnia movie, mainly because of William Moseley. The second one, Prince Caspian, didn't work for me...but THIS PICTURE does work for me, so much so that I have made it my screensaver (for now, anyway). Wow, I love it!

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