This is an Iowa City Gay Pride Event.

This is not.

I'm not sure that I can explain exactly why, but lately I've been feeling a little bit like an Angry Queer. It's easy for me to see how much the word has changed for the better, in regards to what used to be charmingly called Gay Liberation,  but one also grows tired of the constant push-back from the ever-shrinking, ever-more-desperate forces of mindless homophobia, and also, and perhaps even more distressingly, of the complacency of a gay world in which people are so assured that the fight is won that they can safetly turn on each other. Because, honestly?  If  I hear or read one more comment from a  "straight-acting" homo complaining that someone else is "too gay" I might just lose all sense of decorum. (And by the way, Buster, just how straight-acting are you when you have some guy's dick in your mouth?)

But I'm trying not to think about that right now, because today is the day that Iowa City  (population 67,831) holds its annual Gay Pride Parade, and everyone who is not complacent comes out and marches.  I don't know if anybody really keeps track of these things, but I have often heard that Iowa City is the smallest town in America with a Gay Pride Parade.  True or not, the fact that it happens here and nobody ever raises any kind of fuss about it is a good thing. It makes me happy.  If you are an Iowa Citian, I hope to see you in an hour or so on the Ped Mall.

Before I go, I have a few links from readers I'd like to share.

Daniel S was just as pissed off about McDonalds' COO Donald Thompson's punch in the gut to the gay community as I was. Note to Mr. Thompson:  Being gay is not a "value."  Daniel and his partner have started a Boycott McDonalds page at Facebook.  If you would like to send the kind of message to McDonalds bigwigs that they can understand, please consider "liking" the page here.

Did you know that in most states it is still legal to deny a person employment due to their sexual orientation?  It's time for us to get congress to stop dragging their feet and get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed.  Reader Glen sent me a link to a petition which you can sign here.


=Mothra= said…
Happy Pride Parade Vera!
Here's hoping you'll see some sights like the second pic in Iowa too!
steve said…
Oh, Iowa City! Where I first openly lusted after a fellow boy! Where I first sucked face with a fellow boy! Where I first roped a blond, gorgeous 200-pound slab of chiseled Hawkeye football player to a straight back wooden chair, sat back, and enjoyed the show! Ah, the memories!
Jason Shaw said…
Lovely post, nice pic too. I sometimes forget just how lucky I am being a Brit boy living in England.

I live in a town that is well known for it's liberal attitude to homosexuality, that to not see two guys or two girls holding hands walking down a city centre street is unusual.

In the UK we have such great equality laws and protections, that I can sometimes be easy to forget other places don't have such freedoms and protections.

I couple of years ago I was at st Louis pride, which for me seemed so tiny compared to the Brighton and London prides, yet I felt something different, in St Louis there was a passion for equality, whilst in Brighton, perhaps more a feeling of complicity.

One day, everyone will be equal! xx
Anonymous said…
The Portuguese Pride party will be next week in the exact same place where the Pope's mass took place...

Isn't that ironic?
seanisbored said…
Happy Pride!

I went to my first pride parade earlier this month. In a big-ish city (for Ireland...). and I've never felt so happy to be gay.


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