The Wonders Of Children's Television

The last time I watched the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel TV show was... OK I'll admit it,  I've never watched their damned TV show.  I'm always afraid they might try to, you know, sing.  But since I'd seen the paparazzi photos and I knew that Austin Robert Butler was a guest on this week's show, I had to tune in.  I probably will never watch the show again, for fear that the Jonas boys might try to, you know, act,  but Austin didn't fail to deliver, peeling off his jacket and giving the audience a nice eyeful of what they'd been wanting to see.  If you like the long, lean, rippy look (and I know there are people who don't,  I just don't understand those people) Austin is about as close to perfection as you are likely to get.  In the meantime, Nick Jonas was nothing but a great big tease,  pretending that he was about to strip, only to have the camera cut away as he was undoing his top button.  Those Disney boys ought to know by now that the key to career longevity is to get their shirts off and get them off often.  Yes, Mr. Sterling Knight, I'm talking to you! 

Incidentally, these caps are the work of drakai78, a poster at Famous Male Forums.  If you like these, you might want to go there and thank him.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
How wonderful to see the god of beauty in action !

I must away now to download said episode of Jonas and yes , please sterling - loose that shirt A.S.A.P !

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