Angel Revisited

Some months ago our friend April sent us pictures of willowy, blond modelboy Tait Geijer who looks like something Raphael might have come up with if he were trying to paint a Viking.  A very thin Viking.  Recently, April directed us to more pictures of  soon-to-be-eighteen-year-old Tait, who she refers to a "the most beautiful boy in the world",  and inspired us to hunt down a few more photos of him.  To date, Tait hasn't exactly been prolific in his modeling career, but we hope that will change now that he is what we laughingly refer to as "an adult."  No one quite embodies the ethereal / androgynous look quite as well as he.  Although in a couple of these photos he looks disturbingly similar to Mischa Barton.


April said…
Oh, thanks so much Vera! And you found more pics of Tait. Yay! :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely! I really like how he looks in those 4 top pics.
I don't think Tait has ever made it to Europe; I mean modeling in Milan or London. Ican't wait to see him wearing Armani apparels. Thanks. BTW, he, Tait, is fabulous! Claude

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