Big Red Shoebox #3

You are probably asking yourself who Teen Dream Magazine's Boys of Summer 1993 were, aren't you? They were all on this giant poster which was conveniently folded into four sections for my scanning ease. They are: Joey Lawrence, TV heartthrob and briefly a minor league pop star. Jeremy Jordon, briefly a minor league pop star, about to become a minor league actor. "Leo" DiCaprio, a promising young actor. (Whatever became of him?)  Jason Priestly and Luke Perry, riding high on the 90210 bandwagon.  Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the only reason anyone bothered to turn on their TVs on Saturday mornings in those days. Snow, a Canadian reggae-singing one-hit wonder, whose album was very classily called 12 Inches of Snow.  And finally,  Take That, who never managed to parlay their stunning success at home to the USA, despite being pushed hard that summer as the British version of  NKOTB.  Their only US hit, Back For Good, didn't happen until right about  the time they were breaking up.


Anonymous said…
Joey , he always looked liked he'd do something dirty to you . I thought preppy was to die 4 on saved by the bell
how i waited to catch him shirtless on tv , a bit like double g now .

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