Big Red Shoebox #6

Back in 1993 this guy was high on my list of future ex-husbands, but I never knew his name, and back then I  didn't have the resources to find out.  Home internet was still several years in my future.  Looking at this picture, I wonder what became of him. Kate Moss, as we know, is eternal.


bufs said…
Would you believe, we married and are currently in the process of living happily ever after?! No?

Would you believe, we had a torrid affair ended only by his insane need to possess me totally? Still no? Hmmm.

Would you believe, I remember this magazine cover quite well and spent more than one idle moment lost in the most pleasureable fantasy?

PS I'm really liking your Big Red Shoebox.
Pitbullshark said…
Fascinatingly, we seem to have much the same shoebox clippings. I think because of your efforts, I really won't have to go through mine! Enjoying this....

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