Big Red Shoebox #7

Two things to share with you today.  First off,  if you have ever wondered about my political affiliations, just have a a look at this bumper sticker I found in a drawer.  Keep in mind that I have never affixed a sticker to a bumper. 

Next we have a 1999 cover to possibly the most boring gay magazine that ever existed, The Guide.  The cover boy is a fellow who went by the nom de porn of Billy Brandt, and obviously he's the reason I saved it.  He appeared nowhere inside the magazine,  he was just there to lure us suckers in.  No pun intended.

By the  way, if you want to see a strange and completely unnecessary  Wikipedia article, look no further than his entry.  Be happy that if you ever need to know the length of Mr. Brandt's  accoutrement, you'll know exactly where to look.


Pitbullshark said…
Wow, I didn't know that porn stars got entries in the Internet Movie Database. Also, I never knew that there was an Adult Entertainment Database. However, the Adult Entertainment Database is woefully incomplete...I see THEY don't provide "the measurement of the accoutrement" which It think would be crucial data for such a database (they have a column headed "length", but it applies to the length of the MOVIE). Also, they seem to leave out the method of death ("complications due to AIDS", "murder by his boyfriend", "drug overdose", etc.) which seems part and parcel of the biography of a porn star (the gay ones, anyway).
Jason Shaw said…
What an amazing collection you have, I want to have a little rummage in your drawers now! xxx

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