Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

I am well aware that not everyone is as completely smitten with River Delfin Viiperi as I am, but I can't get enough of his long, lean torso, his clear blue eyes, and his sparkling personality.  The folks at F Tape must agree, because they posted these pictures of The Dolphin, along with a short Q&A.  Wait one minute-  one of his favorite movies is The Notebook?


bufs said…
Well, this was delightfully enough for an introduction. But when has enough ever really been enough?

Seriosuly though. *whew*

Thank you, as ever, for the sheer audacity of this deliciousness!
Darth Anque said…
Dear, if you want truly ageless beauty, please check out the great-looking and talented DJ and model, Greg Dodds! It's incredible someone looking this gorgeous is as old as he is! How's that for competition for now really boring Mr. Viiperi?!/gregjohndodds?v=photos&viewas=1394416187
seanisbored said…
Your comment on a very old blog post made me smile, and want to start blogging again.


(sorry, couldn't find your email address)
Jason Shaw said…
Yes yes yes, he sure can come to my bed tonight (sadly it'll only be in my dreams, but hey that's better than nothing!)

Top stuff as always. xx

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