Mangnificent Music Monday (Almost Two Days Late)

Joe Brooks is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Southhampton, England. I wish I could say that I love his music, which seems to run along the lines of lightweight, Jason Mraz-like pop, but I'm afraid that I find it a little bland, slightly cliché. Maybe it will grow on me in time. But then, on the other hand... oh my God, he is super-cute! He's like a combination of a very young Hugh Grant and Dougie Poynter from McFly! Yes, please.


poster said…
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Anonymous said…
I never liked Hugh Grant so I'm pleased to see that this hotties physique looks nothing like Hugh's... ;)
taranay said…
I love his song, and I think he is absolutely gorgeous!

OT: I was looking at your blog today and I notcied a strange lack of hottie Matt Lanter, maybe you're interested? :]

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