Alex Gardner Feels Fine

Nothing's changed,  I still adore 19-year-old Scottish singer (and former model) Alex Gardner, but while it's true he released a beautifully produced video for his second single, Feeling Fine, quite a while ago, I was loathe to post it here because even though the song is catchy and he looks insanely gorgeous, I was turned off by the ridiculously over-produced recording with its crazy use of over-the-top effects such as Autotune.  I thought it was embarrassing and frankly a little gross, but if you are being produced by the pop powerhouse Xenomania,  I guess you have to bow to their whims.  There are enough YouTube videos available of him singing live for me to know that this kind of hyper-production, which groups like Girls Aloud rely on (nothing against them, but let's be real) are not only unneeded, but detrimental to someone like Alex Gardner.  It just bothered me. That's why I was glad to see this raggedy video of Alex singing Feeling Fine live, and brilliantly, before an audience.  The boy is a star. 

And here's the official video,  which, despite the recording's faults, is  a nice excuse to ogle Alex, who really looks great.

UPDATE:  5 minutes ago Alex Gardner took to Facebook to reveal that due to the internet response they will be releasing a version of Feeling Fine which is relatively free of vocal effects.  Good job, people of the internet!


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you , Alex really doesn't need any added vocal effects . he posted the feeling fine single , without the vocal effects on you tube , i think its better .

I'm looking forward to his album , I'm sure attitude magazine will get him shirtless soon !
=Mothra= said…
Those looks + that voice make me melt like buttah!

And I agree, the fewer effects and fewer clothes the better...

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