Are There Any Unattractive People in Brazil?

I'm sure there must be hideously ugly people living in Brazil, right?  So how come we never see any of them?  This Brazilian fellow is Pedro Nobrega, who isn't exactly what I'd call my type,  and yet he's so sexy that no words exist to describe his sexiness.  We'll have to make up a word.  Frobletous.  He's frobletous.  How's that?

(Edited to correct a typing error in Pedro's surname.  Thanks for noticing, Patrick.)


MS HONEY said…
Anonymous said…
They have the Portuguese genes, that's why...

We invented the most beautiful thing on Earth: the mulatto!
Pitbullshark said…
There are no hideously ugly people in Brazil, only beautiful people. I think it must be because the rhythms of the bossa nova and other beautiful music vibrate the cells while in the womb and they move into perfect harmony.
Anonymous said…
a Tin Tin shirt !

I remember thinking the same thing reading that Bruce Weber Book - O Rio de janeiro - he so should do a follow up and take logan , Double G , G.O.D and Carter and his banging bod with him !
Anonymous said…
whoops , I meant G.O.B , but Bruce could take GOD with too for spritual guidance etc .
You have written :"This Brazilian fellow is Pedro Nobre"
But, when I click on the pictures to enlarge, the name is "Pedro Nobrega" in the link.
Can you tell me if the good name is Nobre or Nobrega? or both the two names?
Thank you.
Best regards.
Vera said…
Patrick- I made a typing error. You are correct, the actual name is Nobrega
Thank you very much,
a)for your answer, obviously,
b)and for your very good blog that I have discovered very little time ago.

I'm now an assiduous visitor for ever.

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