A Cornucopia Of Scantily Clad Young Men For Your VIewing Pleasure

All of these poor lads seem to be wardrobe challenged in some way.  I'm thinking of taking up a collection for them.


Tim4447 said…
OH MY GOD. I've followed your blog for months now, but this is easily one of your best posts ever and thus I had to comment.

PLEASE post more of the #5 guy wearing that little black slip of nothing.

Keep up the great work.
bufs said…
Oh, my. *fans self*

But this is not just a cornucopia, it's a full-fledged [wait for it] horny-of-plenty!!


Seriously though, awesome as ever.
Vera rules.

Pitbullshark said…
Your stats just went WAY up!
Stephen Chapman said…
The last one looks like he's thinking "what the hell is that bulge!?"
=Mothra= said…
Good ones, Vera!
I'll take that guy with the goofy glasses and the perfect pit please *swoon*
Anonymous said…

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