Hooray For The Internet! And Harrison Gilbertson!

If it weren't for the power of the internet and the international blog phenomenon known as jmcfly's Dreamboats, I might never have become acquainted with Harrison Gilbertson, this 16-year-old actor from Adelaide. (That's in Australia, the land down under, don't you know, where beer does flow and men chunder, or so Men At Work tell me. Also, women glow and men plunder, but that goes without saying.)  Mind you, I haven't seen him act yet, but the advanced word is good, and just looking at him you can see that he has something. One so hates to use the word "It", but yeah, he clearly has "It."  I'll be watching out for this one.


bufs said…
Oh, he clearly has it in spades. And you just know he has the cutest accent ever.

Thanks jmcfly and Vera!
Anonymous said…
'international blog phenomenon' , flattery will get you everywhere! , acting wise harrison is rather good , I watched him Accidents Happen (2009) , he has the central role . I'm looking forward to seeing him in
What's Wrong with Virginia ,i do love the picture of him reading that mag .
Conspiracy 365 said…
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