Hunter Sings, Vera Ovulates

Do you admire my restraint for having waited this long to post this picture?

I knew that Hunter Parrish could sing - he took over from Jonathan Groff in the Broadway cast of Spring Awakening- but I never had a clue how good he was until I saw this clip from almost two years ago. You may have guessed that cute boys who sing have an interesting effect on your Auntie Vera,  and frankly, right now I want to bear Hunter's children. I don't even like this song. In fact, I normally hate it, but his interpretation just knocks my socks off.  

Hunter is having a great year on Weeds, not only because he's been showing us a lot of lovely skin, but because he really has been able to show us some serious acting chops.  He had a scene in this season's second episode that was practically a master class.


Anonymous said…
You want Hunters children ? Where does Action Alex fit into this grand plan ?

I'm really loving weeds this time around , I felt for hunter when nancy asked him to leave town this week .

I wonder how much Hunter would charge for reading ' the boys on the rock' ?
April Bostic said…
Vera, I love you for posting about Hunter! I love him! And I love him on Weeds. I loved the episode where he was reading half-nekkid. I'd love for him to read to me minus the tighty whities. He can keep the bell boy hat on though. I smell a lucrative business there. Can you tell I love him? LOL! I knew he could sing too. That's an extra bonus for me. :)

More Hunter in the future, pretty please with sugar on it?
Wren said…
I love that you referred to yourself as "Auntie Vera", for some reason i started referring to you with that moniker in my head long ago ṎuṎ

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