Jessica And Shannon Love Alex

... and who can blame them?  Seems that multiple airings of Wild Child on the ABC Family channel have raised awareness of Alex Pettyfer in the United States to the point that people like Jessica and Shannon are going on YouTube to sing the songs they wrote about him.  I love the lyrics, especially "With muscles so buff I can't get enough."  OK, so Jessica and Shannon aren't quite at Stephen Sondheim levels of lyrical sophistication,  but all snarkiness aside, I think it's rather sweet.


April Bostic said…
It's nice to know Alex is a muse for lots of other people besides me. LOL!
oddsbodikins said…
I've been nearly obsessed with our fine young Mr. Pettyfer since I happened upon him back in May when i saw the preview for the yet unreleased "Beastly". I'm quite certain that once "I Am Number Four" and "Beastly" hit American screens, he *will* be the next big thing.

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