Have you ever heard of  this underwear brand Mansilk before?  Sounds... vaguely obscene?  Oh well, any excuse to show pictures of Christopher Fawcett in his underwear, right? There's a whole lot more of this stuff over at MensUnderwearStore if you are interested in seeing it. And Christopher? Some unsolicited advice from your Auntie Vera.  God knows that Vera is known, if she's known at all, for her love of smooth young things, but we know that you have working hair follicles and you look absolutely swell when you retain some of your natural foliage. So, just think about that, will you?  Vera loves chicken, but doesn't necessarily think it always needs to be plucked.

Yes, I know that Christopher Fawcett is too old to be considered "chicken."  The first person to tell me that gets a slap up side the head.


Anonymous said…
How stunning , what a jaw line .

I could see Chris dueting with Chris Isaak
April Bostic said…
I would like to see our darling Alex wearing undies #1. The sheer is sexy. :)

I agree with you, I like my men with hair on their bodies as long as it's not out of control. And I'm NOT for shaving treasure trails! Fine, shave your chest, but stop at your belly button. :D
Vera said…
April, Darling Alex in undies #1 would literally kill me. I would be lying dead on the floor.
Pitbullshark said…
What April said about not shaving treasure trails, I agree wholeheartedly. In my view, I absolutely can't believe that a man would be so stupid as to shave off his treasure trail...what's next, a penisectomy?

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