Paddy Mitchell Doesn't Work Often

From what I know about Paddy Mitchell, easily one of the most beautiful boys in the world, he's more interested in playing Rugby than posing for pictures, and he's still a full-time student and a part-time model.  That's why we don't see Paddy nearly as often as we see some of our other favorites like Francisco or River.  But when we do... wow!


Uncle Mame said…
Thank you Vera,
he's a favorite of mine as well.
Prime future ex-husband material!
bufs said…
Vera, I've held off saying this but if your shamelessly awesome blog continues to threaten me with apoplexy ...well, you'd best check your liability insurance! ;-)

Seriously though ... awesome as ever.

Thank you!!!
Pitbullshark said…
Vera, well, you know how much I love Paddy! And these pictures you found take the cake! My but I love your research skills, your taste, and your generosity in sharing. A great big kiss on your cheek for you!
April Bostic said…
Good lawd that boy is sexy. He should be in films. I love you for sharing pics of him. And I must say, you always find the prettiest boys. ;) Keeps me coming back. LOL!

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