Total Chaos

It's safe to say that not many people are as smitten by 19-year-old model Rory Torrens as I am, but I was eager enough to see his photos in the new digital issue of Chaos Magazine that I shelled out three bucks to get a download.  Rory is on the cover and in three separate editorial features, so if you were thinking about getting it simply for the Rory stuff, it's probably worth it.  There are other lovely things to see as well, but be aware that the lion's share of the photos are of girls.  As for Rory, he confides that his big secret is that he bites people.  Can't say that I'm exactly surprised.


Uncle Mame said…
Apparently that $3 was a wise investment! The last pic is particularly cool.
bufs said…
Oh, gosh. An unabashedly beautiful lad and sensitive nipples?! Can life get any better?

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