The Huge Halloween Sunday Round-up

Here's your treat.  Now show me your trick.


Anonymous said…
the boy with basket ball pictures in his bedroom , makes me think that he'd be great in a twink movie .

I also had to save that picture of the boy ripping open his red shirt , fabulous .

I thank you
Vera said…
You're so welcome.
Chachacha said…
Thanks Vera!
Sinal's boy with the purple striped hoody is my pick 'o the litter. Or maybe that bloke sitting backwards in the chair... *swoon*
Anonymous said…
Lotsa lovely looking lads! Thanks!
=Mothra= said…
Viva Vera!
Please send me that nearly naked blonde bombshell with those fine furry thighs, yowza!
April said…
The male body is so beautiful. Was wondering if you could do a "Vera's Blondies" post? Showcasing gorgeous blond boys. They're my fave dessert. Mmmm.... blondies. :)

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