Oh! So That's Why I Watch The X Factor!

If you've been watching The X Factor  or have simply been reading jaymcfly's excellent and highly journalistic blog coverage of it, I don't have to tell you the story of how One Direction, the show's hastily created band of telegenic teenage  boys, came into being. Tonight we learn who Simon Cowell will put through to the live shows, but after the group's performance,  featuring lovely lead turns from Liam and Harry, I think they are in with a chance.  I mean, honestly,  just look at them.

Harry: "Most likely to do nudity""


Anonymous said…
I nearly chocked on my dry roasted peanuts at the sight of B.O.B pecs and abs ! Harry I have to say sung rather well , and the cliff hanging drama of Louis stung foot , it was almost too much !
Anonymous said…
is it bad to say that the onedirection these boys inspire is definitely UP!
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Eric Castelli
Anonymous said…
They look just lovely!
I think that dark mop is my fave so far.

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