Speedo King

I find it funny, by which I mean weird, that some people go apeshit on your ass when you so much as notice that a 16-year-old is attractive, but everyone, and I mean everyone is A-OK with ogling Tom Daley, age 16.  "Oh, but he doesn't look like a 16-year-old."  Guess what? He looks exactly like a 16-year-old,  if the 16-year-old happens to be Tom Daley


Anonymous said…
I think Diver Tom should pop up in one direction's video , post x factor win . I can see it now , a cover
enrigue Iglesias - Hero , with diver tom slow mo diving through out with the reality pop cherubs drenched in a golden shower .

splash down !
Chachacha said…
Looking forward to seeing him in the next Olympics.

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