Make That The 73rd Time

No sooner d0 I post pictures from the new I Am Number Four trailer than Dreamworks releases an even newer trailer for the same  movie.  This time with shirtless Alex Pettyfer!  Oh yeah!

Trailer Gallery:


Jacqueline said…
I ADORE your new banner!
Anonymous said…
Action Alex on a jet ski ! - best trailer yet !
April said…
I love your banner too. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Oh, and I LOVE the extended trailer. Can't wait to see Alex in that movie. That boy is too sexy for his own good.
bufs said…
Since I just know you've been good this year, were it within my power I'd make sure your future ex-husband was wrapped (scantily) and waiting beneath your tree.

Sadly, all I can do is thank you for your amazing blog and wish you Happy Holidays!

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