Teenage Dream?

Before I met him I was alright, but ever since his auspicious debut on Glee last month singing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream I have been more than a little smitten with 23-year-old actor-singer-writer-songwriter-Nobel-Peace-Prize-winner Darren Criss.  Which just goes to show you, because I don't think most people would peg him as my type. Well, he is a little fuzzier than the boys I usually go for, but I think I could live with that. 


Chachacha said…
Thanks Vera, he's one heavenly hink!
bufs said…
A bit of fuzz can be a lot of fun when you least expect it. Just wrap your lips around a firm, succulent peach to see what I mean.

Hmmm. I've completely lost my train of thought.

Thanks, Vera!
Anonymous said…
Darren certainly lights up the stage on glee , I find it interesting that he auditioned before , I wonder if it was for finn ?

I'm so looking forward to seeing where ' Blaine's' story is going .
Anonymous said…
Great voice and lovely dark curls, whats not to like!

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