Blogger Strikes Again

Dear Readers,

I've mentioned before that Blogger, which hosts this blog, has been trashing gay blogs right and left, usually without a word of explanation to the blog owner.  Well, guess what?  It' has happened again, and this time it's personal.  My second, infrequently updated blog, "Puppies of Purgatory" has disappeared.  Visitors to that site are aware that it was a picture blog,  was very slightly more risqué than this one,  but was far from pornographic, and was listed as an adult blog with a content disclaimer.  Blogger can't, or won't, tell me why it has been banished, but it is now officially gone.  The question is,  how long until this blog disappears as well?  In any event,  it may be time to pull up roots and move The Big Gay Blog somewhere safer.  I own the domain and it seems inevitable that eventually this blog will find a home there. 

Sorry, I was preparing a much more fun post for today when I discovered this, and at the moment I don't feel like continuing.

Just remember, no matter what happens, I will not allow this blog to die. 

Thank you.
xxx ooo 

P.S.  Don't forget that you have until March 31, 2011 to enter the Big Gay Contest to DVDs from my collection.  There's a link on the top right of the page.


Daniel said…
You'd think with all of the homophobic and pro-ana blogs that Blogger would have bigger things to worry about wouldn't you? Sad :( x
It's most effective to attack greedy people through their profit potential. I say we complain to Google AND to their advertisers.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear honey!
Hope you have been exporting your big and precious blog to a safer place...just in case.
bufs said…
Wow. I'm not sure who I'm angriest at ... Blogger for their editorial caprice or myself for not knowing you had another blog!

Persevere, Vera! said…
If I am well informed, Blogger is owned by Google. And Google is called one of the most Gay friendly companies of the world!!?? What a farce!
My blog was deleted early 2010, luckily I copied the whole content to I am still busy reposting and repairing the damage. Now I make use of 2 mirrorblogs, just in case.But I am waiting for the gay friendly url that should be started soon ( www. name . )
Anonymous said…
tumblr seems more gay blogger friendly , a lot of 'flying dicks though' , not that there is anything wrong with 'dicks' flying or otherwise .
Unknown said…
I think it would be pretty rad if you opened up a tumblr blog,

quite rad indeed.
Vera said…
Thanks to all for your concern and well wishes. And Jacqueline, my pretty, it may just be that I already have an active tumblr blog, and it's just possible that a thorough search of my blogroll would locate it.

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