Contemplating Xavier

It is a particular shortcoming of mine that I tend to think just a bit less of anyone who participates in in the cultural phenomena known as "Twilight." It's not really fair, I admit, but there you are.  I have tried to get myself out of that mindset, especially when I see actors who I have previously enjoyed, or who I would normally consider to be right up my alley,  being cast in subsequent films in the series. I tell myself to get over it. Just because I will never be a Twilight fan, it doesn't make the actors in the Twilight movies bad people. And this line of reasoning has been working a bit.  I've forced myself to admit that Rob Pattinson actually looks quite attractive in the trailer for Water For Elephants, for example,  and that Jamie Campbell Bower's work in Sweeney Todd is in no way diminished by his appearance in... whichever Twilight movie he was in.  I'd still like to cuddle with Cameron Bright, I'd still like to bounce quarters off Taylor Lautner's abs, and I still think Jackson Rathbone is darned cute when he isn't painted up to look like a demented kewpie doll.  I'm not even going to discuss the inappropriate thoughts I've had about Boo Boo Stewart.

Which brings us to this fellow right here,  a 27-year-old Australian actor named Xavier Samuel, who a lot of you already know from... whichever Twilight movie he was in, and other things he's done in his native land, including the gay surfer epic, Newcastle.  Here he is in a short film called Drowning, circa 2009. Apart from being all adorable and shirtless, he also engages in a little boy-on boy-action.  And who wouldn't like that? 


Anonymous said…
special Xavier and catnip callan !

With twilight I can't help but think that the Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley would be so much better as the forlorn Bella and Vamp Ed . I'd keep
Tay of course and the sidekick boo !

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