The Hastily Assembled Sunday Roundup

I'm on vacation this week! And in the midst of all this lounging around doing nothing I almost forgot to post this evening.   But here it is, almost on schedule.   Sorry Mike, no numbers this week.


Still, thanks for thinking of me.

Nice collection this week. And please have the boy with headphones and green glasses dropped off at my place. You can have him back in a few days.
Jason Shaw said…
What an amazing collection of lovelies, you really are spoiling us.
AJOwens said…
This is an awesome collection. You all are welcome to view my blog as well at
Lankin said…
A lovely compilation :D Thank you ;) One question: Do you know by chance who 2 of them hotties are,
a) the guy with half his face covered by his own arm, with the lovely blue eyes
b) the one with the kinky leather cap...
... or from which campaign they are from or anything which could provide some hints?
It would be appreciated <3
Twink Cycle said…
Very nice collection :)

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