A Message From The Late Anne Baxter

Hello, everybody.  Yes, It is I, Academy Award winning actress Anne Baxter speaking to you from beyond the grave.   My dear friend Vera asked me to speak to you about her so-called "Big Gay Contest."  Such a queer name for a contest, don't you think?  But that's our VeraVera was busy knocking back a shaker full of Manhattans so she wanted me to remind you that today, Thursday, is the last day to enter her little drawing,  and told me to remind you that you could find all the details  at this "link" ,  whatever that is. She also happened to mention that she will accept entries until the stroke of midnight, Pacific Time (or as she so charmingly calls it, "-8 GMT."  I swear,  she's always speaking in riddles!

Wasn't it nice of Bette to appear in my little film?
More importantly,  she wanted you to know that she has added three more films to the prize and both of them star ME,  Academy Award winning actress Anne Baxter! Could you just die?  The films are my magnum opus, All About Eve, co-starring my dear, dear friend Bette Davis (so sweet, and so down-to-Earth) and The Ten Commandments (3 disc special edition) with that stubborn, splendid, adorable fool, Chuck Heston

Just another night at The Manhole

Apparently, if I can make out what Vera is saying to me, her speech is a bit slurred, that means that the fourth place prize now consists of thirteen DVDs instead of eleven. Oh dear, I don't even know what a "DVD" is!  Could it be anything like an IUD?

And now I must be off.  What a joy it was to speak to you!



Uncle Mame said…
Anne dearest! How delightful to hear from you. I have always thought that you and your supporting actresses were perfect in All About Eve. Please prevail upon Vera to share a fresh shaker of Manhattans with you, and visit more often!

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